Domain SEO – Picking the Right Domain Name

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Even though most SEO firms are now telling you that domain name SEO is a downward trend, it still is important to have a domain name with atleast a keyword or two in the name. Here at, we focus on our brand, and want to rank for our name, and some keywords as well. Below you will find some tips on picking a good domain name for your new website.

✤Avoid hyphens: Hyphens detract from credibility and act as a spam indicator.
✤Avoid uncommon top-level domains (TLDs): Like hyphens, TLDs such as .info, .cc, .ws, and .name are spam indicators
✤Avoid domain names longer than 15 characters: People are lazy; don’t try to make them type a novel just to access your website
✤301 trick doesn’t work


Be aware of permutations (

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