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Need Tampa Search Engine Optimization for Your Current Website?

Welcome to JLG Marketing Solutions, your Tampa SEO service! We concentrate on developing and implementing best SEO practices to your current website. We love the thrill of getting your business to page one, and the results that follow. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization in the Tampa Bay area including Clearwater St. Petersburg Hudson Port Richey and everywhere inbetween.

If we don’t increase your traffic by 50% within 6 months we will refund you 100%


In this plan, which we do for all of our clients at the beginning, is give you a chance to experience our SEO services. You pick 5 of your target keywords, we market your keywords online, get 1 of your 5 keywords to the first page of Google, and you only pay a 1 time payment of $400. Yes you heard me right, only a 1 time payment. We do this because we are confident in our SEO services. We want you to experience our expertise in SEO, and not have to pay a monthly contract up front. Many seo companies around want to charge and lock you in to a monthly contract right away, we want to prove to you that we know what we are doing before we lock you in. I am sure after the first intial payment period you will be more then happy with our results.

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Below you will find out per keyword amount SEO optimization packages. These packages will help boost your search engine rankings, and get you to page one or your money back. We specialize in helping you get to the first page with our keyword packages. If you would like more information on how we do this, scroll down the page more, and request a informational packet today. All of our SEO methods are 100% white hat natural building methods. See our packages below:

Starter Plan Package
$349/Month We will optimize 5 of the top keywords in your niche. (Recommended For Small Businesses)

Silver Plan Package
$499/Month We will optimize 10 of the top keywords in your niche.

Gold Plan Package
$899/Month -We will optimize 20 of the top keywords in your niche.

Platinum Plan Package
$1399/Month – We will optimize 40 of the top keywords in your niche.

Business Platinum Package
$2499/Month – We will optimize 100 of the top keywords in your niche.

Business Elite Package
$5999/Month – We will optimize 300 of the top keywords in your niche.

Competition Killer Package
$9999/Month – We will optimize 700 of the top keywords in your niche.

**Set up fee applies on all campaigns.**

If you would like to get started today, and be able to crush your competition with one of the above SEO packages for your website, contact us today at 727-808-9723 to discuss your options. We will being working on this right away, and help you get to the top as fast as possible.